Sound Design Online

Sound Design Online: Een full service audio postproductie studio. Maar dan volledig online. Eind 2017 opgegaan in onder de naam Online Audionabewerking.

Resolution Magazine publiceerde een artikel over Sound Design Online. Over het virtuele studio concept, de gedachte erachter en hoe de startup-fase verliep:

“In the September 2016 issue, Dan Gable talked about an “Uber Moment” for audio post — now Gijs Friesen has turned the idea into reality.

Nowadays everything can be ordered online. In fact, we are so spoiled that we expect an online shop to deliver at least the next day, but preferably even the same day. We want a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on products we order online, (…) and we want to be able to see prices of products right away, instead of waiting for a quote. In the September issue of Resolution Magazine, Dan Gable talked about the “Uber Moment” in audio post. In his article he explained that he was waiting to see the first truly virtual audio facility. This is exactly what I was thinking of and it’s what I have been working on the past year. The result is Sound Design Online ( An audio post production studio operating as an online shop. (…) So how has this worked out so far and how does it compare to the traditional way of working?”

Het hele artikel is hier te downloaden.